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Bellway Homes 



2018-2019. A Blank Canvas, classic Cat B fit out in an existing modern Cat A space. Our client, having outgrown their old space, required something fresh, clean, and energising. This project straddled the Christmas/ new year break, exercising our project commitment to deliver on time.

Glass partitioning features heavily in this space, between open plan and directors offices giving an unbroken open plan feel, and colour coding throughout giving connectivity between directors and departments, whilst retaining some privacy. 

Breakout area is a far more relaxed, social, residential feel, with high back furniture to give definition and privacy. The kitchen adds a personal fun touch amongst the office, a great addition to the free flowing agile breakout space.

First impressions really count; a grand entrance to reception with our signature ceiling, and a powerful modern conference room completes this lovely space. Brilliant and personal murals are a real focal point, softening the space even more.

The client was generous with project time frame, allowing us to really focus on the highest possible quality finish, creating a super sharp, modern and refreshing space.

We are proud to have delivered this project, moving the client into a professional, modern and beautiful work environment.

Thank you to Charlotte Ellis Photography, or check her Instagram

7795 sq.ft

14 weeks


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