Bellway Homes



2018. An unusual collaborative consultancy project with the client & architects, to create a new regional head office, 9000 Sq ft office space.

As part of Bellway Homes’ Legacy Wharf  mixed development of residential and commercial properties, RAW were engaged to carry out workplace design and research, including elements of design thinking & user-centred design. 

Embedding our designers into their existing work place, enabled RAW to model how the regional Bellway team operated, collecting data and insight along the way. 

This “pre-design” process was then hugely influential to the design of the new space to be occupied by the client. 

The unusual part was not the successful collaboration between the client, their architect and  RAW, allowing the building to be designed from the inside out for occupation late 2019, but the fact the project was undertaken at the pre-planning application stage.

Our research, design input, and insights on the ‘pre-design’ phase led to material and envelope changes in the structural make up of the building, how the interior design would allow the client to operate in a free flowing, engaging workplace environment. 



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