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- About Us -

Established in 2007, Resource At Work Ltd have been in demand since, and is recognised as a proficient, dynamic & client focused organisation, operating in the Greater London area.

Our MO; to develop long term relationships and deliver a quality client experience.


The experience and relationships we have formed throughout our work-life makes us a trusted partner for Workplace Change. We are an adaptable and flexible team, allowing us to tackle any problem, and complete any task to the highest standard.

We understand that office space is changing dramatically, organisations requiring dynamic spaces which adapt to their working policies. The work place has evolved to give an uplifting employee experience rather than just a place of work, driving brand value internally.  


We strive to ensure complete client satisfaction via constant customer contact throughout the process. Our aim is to provide an environment allowing your organisation to increase productivity and growth.


-   Management Team   -

Phil Spencer
Head Of Design

Thrown off a golf course for removing too much of the fairway with a nine iron


Teaches rugby on the weekend

Stuart Imhof
Managing Director

Former Royal Marine

made to clean the parade grounds with a toothbrush

Prefers two wheels with an engine


James Imhof

Project Director


Spent two months looking for gold in Namibia. Found nothing!


Any spare time is spent on a bike in the hills 

Mark Richardson

Business Development & Furniture Specialist

 Writing novels, walking the dogs, all whilst DJ-ing at weekends


Daniella Bird  Wellbeing & Design Partner 

Runs the department of 'next-level detail' 



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