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5 good reasons to refurbish your office space

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

1. Reorganise

Reorganising your current space can offer the opportunity to do several activities; Spring clean! your team can clear out those storage units full of nonsensical paperwork, clutter and unwanted secret Santa gifts! Reorganising your space through design may help you realise inefficiencies in the space. Reorganise the workspace; tired of cubicles or long long lines of desks? There may be a more efficient layout, and by adding or subtracting furniture to suit, help you realise new space.

2. Improve office environment

Yes, Physically and metaphorically. A refurbished office interior that you and your team have been involved with throughout design process means your environment can be bespoke to your needs.

Instead of your office space bossing your business around, telling you what to do and how to use it, restricted by awkward, uninspiring meeting rooms and 90's decor, you become the master of your environment, creating something that truly works for your organisation, achieving a free flowing workspace. Benefits of a new office environment are remarkably broad, both in a physical 'it just works better' and a metaphorical 'this makes me feel better' way.

3. Well-being

New work space can lift the spirits of your staff; including several different environments within the office space, such as informal break out areas, soft seating pods and full kitchens can add the changes in scenery so often shown to improve productivity. Try adding biophilia to your space to really enhance the design, bringing vibrant green colours enhancing the aesthetic and improving the air you breathe; Let nature in! Improving your office environment cultivates well-being and promotes happiness factor, and happy employees is the goal!

4. Brand Value

Attractive, well laid out and eye-catching office interiors create a fantastic first impression to potential new clients and new members of staff. A newly refurbished office space not only cultivates well-being but can lead to retention of existing employees as their brand awareness and feeling of inclusion has increased. Potential new clients have the feeling of brand value just by visual stimulation.

5. Dynamic

Adoption of new working policies are certainly on the increase; we are living in a fully connected world, so most employees can operate remotely and still fulfil their role. As your organisation adopts these working policies, it is necessary to re-evaluate how your space is working for you. This offers the chance to remodel, build in agile work-space which suits your dynamic business structure. More and more employees recognise the benefits of agile working, its time your organisation grasps the benefits too.

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Jan 21, 2019

We could do with our office being refurbished by you guys!!

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