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Top ranking ways to motivate your employees

A recent study, and collated by Squareup. com, ranked the '10 scientifically proven way to motivate your employees, and the outcome of the study is truly interlinked to the office environment;

Check out the main motivators...

1. Make your business a pleasant place to be

Of course this goes without saying, that a pleasant attractive and aesthetically pleasing workplace will make you feel good about being in work, and therefore will motivate your employees. If you are unsure on where to start, consulting an office designer will certainly get the thoughts flowing of what is achievable within your budget. Anything from introducing soft furnishings, new colour schemes, introduction of plants and greenery, or indeed designing a whole new office space will encourage you in the right direction. It doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful planning can result in a big boost in employee satisfaction!

4. Create room to grow

By altering & optimising the layout of the current space you occupy, or even moving to a new office can create vital room to expand, this can encourage involvement with your employees too. The psychological effects of creating new space is two fold; primarily it gives the impression that the business is succeeding, and office remodelling is the organic expansion to cope with this. Employees want to be a part of a successful business, and will both motivate and help build staff retention.

Secondly, if you are considering a new space perhaps at a different location, employees will be motivated to move into that space by nominating your best employees to go across and manage the new team in that location The opportunity to work in a new space may turn your employees into career-focused individuals, excited and motivated to prove themselves in a great new office space.

7. Flexible scheduling/ working

Flexible work schedules really is the future: technology allows connectivity anywhere in the world, even from home! Giving a more flexible work-life balance to your employees certainly will make a difference to their individual lives, but it can be a perfect opportunity for the business;

Considering you will potentially have a smaller head count per day, and some desk space is empty, perhaps it is time to reduce individual desks and create Agile workspace. A Dynamic space, with loose furniture, creates a brilliant environment for those fly-by visits from flexible workers to touch down and use the space on an ad-hoc basis. Soft furnishings give a more relaxed, residential feel to the space, and can be changed and adapted throughout the lifespan of the space occupancy.

8. Food in the workplace

Modern office spaces featuring a fully kitted out kitchen offer great flexibility for employees. It can encourage using the space socially throughout the lunch break, no need to leave the office to grab lunch when it is all onsite. It will get people together, share a lunch conversation, share a coffee, develop employee relationships.

No one can concentrate when they are hungry, and the best way to fix that issue is to provide a space to prepare and heat up food, and have a hygienic place to store lunches (not your bottom drawer!). In fact, a survey collated by Seamless shows that 57% of employees say food based perks make them feel valued; Having kitchens and tea points throughout office space can facilitate this feeling to your employees. Easy access to snacks, social lunch breaks, coffee and tea would surely satisfy anyone!

10. Ask your employees what they want!

Employee engagement. So important, especially when your are considering occupying a new space. What do your employees want? what do they need? When considering occupying a new space, throwing suggestions into the pot can result in some excellent ideas which make everybody's lives better during the working day. Breakout area? Sure. Bistro style coffee area? Why not. Bean bags? Of course! If it makes employees happy to be at work, they will be motivated to perform at their best for the business. Listen to your employees, take on their ideas, and incorporate them into your new space.

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